Innovative One Pass Chip Sealing
Smarter, safer and environmentally superior

Ashpave use the One Pass System, a proven system for sealing roads. The technology gives value to customers simply not possible with old methods.

Ashpave's Chip Sealer is a single operator vehicle which sprays the binder and spreads the aggregate in one forward  pass at pre determined calibrated application rates, all controlled by a computer.
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The One step in situ emulsion surfacing using high bitumen content emulsion applied at 85°C. With modern emulsions it is possible to work in wider range of climate and conditions and higher than previously possible spray rates can be applied.

High bitumen content emulsion is the future of road sealing in Australia.
Embrace proven technology and show a willingness to protect our environment.

Computer controlled spraying and spreading ensures that we can dial in the machine to meet exact surfacing design with consistent qualit. This system gives the machine the ability to place seal on a road in all manner of sizes from road lane width down to 200mm.

The Chip Sealer has the ability to maintain a road network, applying any size repair as needed. Read more about about the techniques in France

Complete chip sealing operating system
We have designed and built a specialized emulsion storage tanker and fast load conveyor system to enable quick re load of the chip sealer's aggregate bin and emulsion tank to maximize daily production for our customers.

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adobe pdf logo Goulburn Shire case study
adobe pdf logo Chip Sealing road maintenance in France case study

Chip sealing nsw
One Pass Chip Sealing, bulk area.

Road sealing, chip sealing correctional work
Chip sealer doing correctional work before a re-seal, Cooma

spray sealing roads
Aggregate reload from a Tip Truck

Computer controlled chip sealing
Computerised controlled spraying

Reseal of road patch with chip sealer
This system makes it possible to visualise and place surfacing in all manner of configurations.

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