Asphalt Repair - Infrared Asphalt repair

The Asphalt Reheat System can easily repair asphalt in a fast and safe manner using the infrared heating units

Get more out of the road repair budget
With Asphalt Reheat Systems, we are able to make high quality repairs, faster, in a safe manner, which means you can get more repairs completed within the road repair budget. Contact us for more information

Common repair jobs can easily be fixed with our new Asphalt Reheat System. It is fast, easy and requires only few workers to successfully complete repair jobs such as:

The Asphalt Reheat System eliminates the cold patching process and the need for saw cutting or milling and cold rough joint problems. Existing asphalt is recycled and far less new product is required. Repairs are seamless. Ashpave is able to make high quality repairs in a short time frame, using any one of our heating units.

Ashpave have two sizes of Asphalt Reheat Systems
With the two sizes of reheaters, we can reheat almost any asphalt area and complete most asphalt repair jobs, anywhere.

Six steps to complete a quality asphalt repair:

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Heat
  3. Scrape and add rejuvenator
  4. Add material
  5. Grade and level
  6. Compact area

Asphalt reheat system on truck
Truck with Asphalt Reheat System

Reheat and repair of Asphalt
Heating unit

Infrared heat to reheat asphalt
Working the asphalt after heating

Reheat unit
Removal of infrared heating unit

Apshalt reheat system
Grading and level the reheated area
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